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KCPA will provide 50% of the tuition for a non-KCPA sponsored conference costing up to $500 in return for serving as a resource to KCPA members regarding the presented information (i.e. presenting at a KCPA meeting on the topic if applicable). 

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Rules for Grant​

  • This grant will be awarded 2 times per calendar year.  

  • All applications must be submitted prior to the date of the conference.

  • Grant applications must be turned in at least 3 weeks before the conference fee due date.  Requests for grant funds will be considered by the KCPA board.

  • The applicant must be a current member of KCPA and a member of the previous membership year.

  • Criteria for the KCPA Board to assess a grant application include the involvement of the member of KCPA, appropriateness of the topic to other members of KCPA, and the information provided on the application.

  • A KCPA member may receive a KCPA grant one time per fiscal year.

  • The recipient of a KCPA grant will be announced to the KCPA members in social media posts and other membership communication. 

  • A check for tuition will be made out of the sponsoring group or facility or to the KCPA member with appropriate receipts.  

  • No one will be discriminated against the basis of race, color, national origin, age, or sex.

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